Founded in 2015, Alessandro Squarzi aimed to create a collection inspired by his personal wardrobe – an eclectic mix of men’s couture that ranges from bespoke suits to a denim archive of western shirts and work jackets. In a pursuit to expand his vision through womenswear, he was joined by Alessia Giacobino in 2020.

      Fast forward two years and Fortela presents to you a rich range of men’s and womenswear clothes, filled with utility and military interpretations, as well as references to the beauty of Navajo culture and stretched deserts. Tailor-made in Italy, the Fortela brand is built on a solid foundation of years of design experience and craftsmanship.

      Fortela creates premium products with a distinctive flair, made in Italy with Japanese fabrics, resulting in a fusion of cultures and styles. Their products are designed to last, to age gracefully, and to express your personality. You can choose from a variety of products, such as jeans, jackets, shirts and bags. Experience the difference of Fortela.

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