A Stenströms Summer

When it comes to heritage, few brands have one as rich as Stenströms. Founded in 1899 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Stenströms has grown from a local shirtmaker to a globally recognized name with quality, style, and timeless elegance. Let’s delve into what makes Stenströms shirts a staple in the wardrobes of discerning dressers around the world.

Stenströms began with August Stenström, who set out with a vision to create the finest shirts. His dedication to shirt making quickly earned him a reputation for producing the best shirts in town. Over 120 years later, this commitment to quality remains at the heart of the brand. Some examples of these fan favorite shirts would include the Stenströms Blue Denim Shirt and the Plaid Shirt. 



Stenströms Blue Denim Shirt, $345

Stenströms Plaid Shirt, $295

One of the defining features of a Stenströms shirt is the fabric. The brand sources the highest quality cotton, linen, and silk from around the world. These fabrics are not only chosen for their superior feel but also for their durability and ability to maintain their shape over time. One shirt that showcases these fabrics would be the Stenströms Linen Shirt. The result is that this shirt not only looks good but also feels good against the skin.

Stenströms Pink Checked Shirt, $285

Stenströms Blue Striped Linen Shirt, $275

Stenströms offers a diverse range of styles to suit every occasion, from formal dress shirts to more casual options. Their designs are classic yet contemporary, allowing for versatility in any wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing for a business meeting, a casual outing, or a special event, a Stenströms shirt provides a polished, sophisticated look that’s hard to beat.



Stenströms Blue Dress Shirt, $275

Stenströms White Dress Shirt, $275

Stenströms shirts are more than just a piece of clothing, they are a symbol of quality and timeless style. With a  history of craftsmanship, commitment to the finest materials, and an eye for detail, Stenströms continues to set the standard for luxury shirts. Investing in a Stenströms shirt is investing in a piece of excellence that will elevate your wardrobe and stand the test of time.