We've heard them all . . . "I'm not going anywhere", "I don't need anything", "I'm shopping in my closet", "I haven't changed my underwear in 8 months!" . . .ok maybe not that last one. And we get it. Yes, if you've been working from or staying close to home the "need" for our clothing may seem debatable. But it's not so much about a "need" as it is a want. And now more than ever, wearing great clothing at home really does feel great. Style is not just what you wear to the office or to a cocktail party, style is about how you present yourself to others and most importantly yourself 24/7. There are moments and outfits throughout the day where you express yourself. Where you choose what you want to wear. Where what you choose not only reflects your personality but also affects your mood and how you feel. The cotton hoody or cashmere sweater you wear in the morning when you have your coffee, the warm coat you wear when you walk your dog, what cool sweatshirt you throw on when you're going to the grocery store . . . on and on . . . a zoom call with coworkers, an afternoon stroll with your loved one, getting takeout at your favorite local restaurant, enjoying an evening cocktail, streaming a movie and finally going to bed. Now you certainly would be just fine wearing the same outfit all day long, all week long, all month long. But for us that's rather . . . boring. It doesn't matter if you're travelling less, entertaining less or seeing less people. You get dressed for you. That's at the core of everything we do and what we believe in. It's not so much about labels or trends as it is about personal style. So if you don't already, next time you're watching a movie, throw on an outfit that you love, that you look great in, that makes you feel great - it's these little things, now more than ever that truly matter. And if you want come treat yourself to a new cozy sweater! You deserve it!

Men's Rag & Bone Haldon Sweater in Navy


Men's The Row Harry Sweater in Shadow


Women's Dries Van Noten Hubia Sweatshirt

Women's Brunello Cucinelli Rib Sweater with Monili


Women's Veronica Beard Coleta Cashmere Vneck in Cognac


Men's Acne Studios Kael Sweater in Brown/Navy