Best Dressed: How "Khaite" Has Infiltrated A-List Closets

Quiet luxury. Cool girl style. Effortlessly chic. All can be used to describe “Khaite". Founded by Catherine Holstein in 2016, the New York brand built an empire on durable yet refined pieces, characterized by impeccable craftsmanship, outstanding materials, and delicate yet striking details. Inspired by Holstein’s nickname and a greek term meaning “flowing hair”, the name “Khaite” (pronounced like “Kate”) represents the personal style of Holstein with a subtle gesture to the brand's femininity. Comparable to The Row, Holstein’s intention was to create timeless items that are cherished for years, while curating a brand that acts as a one stop for foundational wardrobe pieces.



After spending her early years between Southern California and London, Catherine attended Parsons School of Design. After receiving recognition from Julie Gilhart at Barney’s New York, she began selling in over 40 stores worldwide. Then, from 2009 to 2014, she went a more creative route while working for labels like Vera Wang and Gap. Finally, in 2016, “Khaite" was born. Holstein established the label as designer, founder, and creative director.



Holding a dominant position in categories such as knitwear, cashmere, denim, and evening wear, the brand has infiltrated the world of celebrity style. Katie Holmes in particular played a dynamic role in the brand’s growth and popularity. After being photographed hailing a cab in one of the brand's iconic cashmere sets (a brown cashmere bra and cardigan duo), a social media frenzy brought the brand into the spotlight. The photo was an authentic representation of the Khaite lifestyle. Chic, feminine, and timeless. 

In 2020, Holstein introduced party-wear to her collection, which debuted at her Fall 2020 runway show. She wanted to showcase an alternative to traditional black tie gowns. Something show-stopping. Regarded as her most risqué collection at the time, Holstein took the opportunity to introduce an additional emotion to the brand’s image. 

She wanted “Khaite" to become SEXY. Pieces like The Piet Top exemplify this shift. As the brand enters a new era, we will see darker, sexier, and more daring collections. Keep an eye out for new textures, exciting prints, relaxed cuts, and a Khaite classic…tulle. Shop Khaite at Lawrence Covell.