Ralph Lauren's Double RL line

Ralph Lauren's Ranch resides on the Western Slope of Colorado, just outside a town named Ridgway where the classic wild-west themed movie, "True Grit" was filmed. It only makes sense that in a scenic town such as this, where John Wayne himself once roamed, Lauren found inspiration for his Double RL line.
Of the many creative, vision-driven collections Ralph Lauren has offered over the years, none have captured the tone and feel of south-western fashion and living quite like the Double RL line. A fine combination of vintage 80's inspiration and western cinema influence, the Double RL collection offers timeless pieces fit to cross over multiple seasons and occasions while offering something for every category in your wardrobe head-to-toe. Double RL has become a quality staple of Lawrence Covell's men's collection for every season now.

Pictured here are some of our favorites from his SS21 line
- RRL Askin Distressed Twill Overshirt
- RRL Coney Island Camp Shirt
- RRL Buffalo Western Denim Shirt