Boarding Group C(apricho)

In the heart of Aspen, Colorado, the story of Capricho unfolds, a story of friendship, adventure, and a shared passion for design. Laura Kaplan and Nicole Tarumianz, lifelong friends and frequent travelers, started on a journey that led them to create something truly special, a collection of handcrafted leather bags that embody quiet luxury and elegant endurance.

Laura and Nicole's story began in their 20s when they moved to Aspen, drawn by its natural beauty and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Skiing the slopes and surfing waves became their passions, but they were equally captivated by design, art, and style. Their mutual love for travel and exploration ignited a need for the perfect travel companion, a bag that could endure all of their adventures while exuding a sense of timeless elegance.

It was during one of their trips to Colombia that Laura and Nicole stumbled upon the inspiration for Capricho. Colombian leather, known for its buttery softness and durability, captured their attention. They envisioned bags that not only reflected their love for adventure but also told stories of unforgettable experiences.

Capricho bags are more than just accessories, they are companions on a journey, designed to embrace quiet luxury and make a statement without attracting attention. The Ava overnighter was designed to be your ultimate travel companion. Made for inflight carry on or an overnight bag, the Ava was made to make memories.

Ava Overnight Bag in Pearl, $1,595

Ava Overnight Bag in Sky, $1,595

Ava Overnight Bag in Navy, $1,595

From carry ons to travel bags Capricho has it all. They wanted to create a bag that not only was light enough to carry around, but able to hold all of your necessities. The Clarita is the ultimate weekend get away bag. Unstructured and durable, the Clarita weekender is made with a timeless design and their signature blue ribbon zipper. Made from 100% Alma leather and calfskin interior, the Clarita is up for any spontaneous adventure.

Clarita Weekender in Clay, $1,795

Designed in Aspen and crafted in Colombia, Capricho embodies the spirit of two friends who dreamed and created something extraordinary. Their journey has taken them from Aspen to the vibrant streets of Colombia, and now, Capricho is ready to embark on new adventures with you.