Men's Fall Trends

published 3 months ago
Men's Fall Trends

"Back to the office" or "still remote" or somewhere in between varies from person to person and its impact on men's fashion is evident while other long-term trends are still in play. Things continue to evolve in a casual way - which is fine - they have continuously for the past 500 years. We no longer wear stockings or wigs as an example. Though I might get a nice Elvis pompadour just because . . . Today's fashion is no different. It continues to be less formal but that doesn't mean you have to reduce it to the lowest common denominator. Some guys may, but if you love clothes and personal style, use this as a chance to continue changing up your look. Here are some trends we've seen. . . • Corduroy – don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years! Corduroy continues to be shown this fall from jeans, pants, overshirts and jean jackets. Pinwale to wide wale. • Joggers - Eleventy has been doing joggers for a while now, but they seem more and more relevant in this hybrid work environment. Wear with a jacket or with a sweatshirt. • Flannels – flannels are perennial fall favorites and there are a ton this year from Luciano Barbera’s classic brushed cotton button downs to RRL’s rugged work shirts to Dries Van Noten’s overshirt. • Hoodies – hoodies are officially part of the Establishment now joining up with its cousins the Mr. Quarter Zip and Mr. V-neck. There’s nothing wrong with hoodies being Establishment – it shows that they've been accepted into more mainstream culture - you’ll still look cool, but no one is going to stare at you if you haven’t worn one before. Unless they're a little late to the game – pun intended! We love hoodies but if you’re still on the fence, Mr. Quarter Zip is here for you as well! We don't judge and want you to be comfortable with what you wear. • Elevated loungewear – touching on an earlier point, some are back in the office as before, others 2-3 days a week while some are still remote. Thus, the increasing need for nice loungewear. Crossley’s cotton/cashmere t-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, James Perse Lotus Japanese cotton t-shirts, Stone Island’s oh so cozy cotton fleece and The Row’s Dresda French terry cotton hoodie are just some examples. Just because you’re lounging or working from home doesn’t mean you have to wear your microfiber gym shorts or golf clothes. You can look and feel great in a cooler more relaxed way. • Super Size It. Remember when everything started getting really fitted and trim 10+ years ago? Thom Browne's original look and others kind of spurred this movement. We initially would size everyone up one or two sizes with Dries Van Noten, Etro and Paul Smith because our customers weren't used to the fit. Eventually they got used to a slimmer look and now it's widely accepted. But now we're starting to see the opposite in terms of fit and design. The Row Men's, Dries Van Noten, Officine Generale and Acne Studios among others are cutting things more and more oversized. Drapy, roomy sweaters, fuller jackets and pants - some with pleats even! So, we're sizing most down a size for the time being as we did when we first carried Giorgio Armani in the late 1970s. We would recut Armani's full suits initially because they were too extreme. It takes a little getting used to, but you can wear a slouchier pant with a more fitted shirt or a comfy sweater with a trimmer jean - or go full 80s/90s with your David Byrne, Jerry Seinfeld, Frasier Crane or Chandler Bing look! Baby steps but a little change is good!